Fiddle Off Schedule

Announcing the schedule for JT’s Fiddle Off 2017! You will find parking to be free on the street on Division and nearby streets. Lock your doors and bring your stuff in. There will be an Open Air Market taking place during the Fiddle Off. It will be a great atmosphere and lots of fun! Looking forward to seeing you all there. You can expect to be there from about 12 PM - 8 PM. Be sure and tip each accompanist 10% of your winnings. Minors are allowed until 8 PM. All times are subject to change, so stay in touch!


12:15 - Judges Meeting (Questions answered and such...) 
12:30 - Under 21 Round 1 (Standard*) 
1:00 - Champion Round 1 (Standard*) 
2:00 - Under 21 Choice Round (Their Choice**) 
2:45 - Under 21 Round Robin (Top 3***) 
3:15 - Under 21 Champion Crowned 
3:30 - Champion Round 2 (Standard*) 
4:30 - Champion Choice Round (Choice**) 
5:15 - Cut to Top 5 
5:30 - Champion Round Robin (Top 5) 
6:45 - Winners Announced 

* A Standard Round includes a breakdown, waltz and tune of choice other than a breakdown or a waltz. There is no time limit. 
** A Choice Round is a 1-tune round in which the audience, the judges, the fiddler, or JT will select a tune, a type of tune or regionality/style for the fiddlers to play. There is no time limit. Each contestant gets 1 pass. This means they can ask to play a different choice tune once. A second pass means a zero score for that round. 
*** A Round Robin pits the best fiddlers of the day in a showdown not to be missed! Each fiddler gets a clean scorecard and tunes are selected as noted above, choice style. Judges will submit scores on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) immediately upon hearing the tune and tabulated for each fiddler.

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