A guitar workshop I conducted at Conway Institute of Music in Conway, Arkansas several years ago.

A guitar workshop I conducted at Conway Institute of Music in Conway, Arkansas several years ago.

I claim that there is no musical experience more stunning in all of San Diego. Calvin Vollrath, Evan Marshall, and guitarist extreme Tyler Grant put on several nights of concerts that have singed my brain. But the unsung hero is Jonathan Trawick. For hours, I watched him tirelessly back up these world class performers with interesting, sensitive, playful, sometimes provocative rhythm guitar. With often only a cursory preparation on charts, Jonathan portrays a depth of understanding for accompaniment that is far beyond his years. It's not with fireworks or grandstanding that he stands apart, but knowing exactly how to provide a perfectly comfortable and interesting sound on which to lay down a lead. The word is confidence without pretense that he knows exactly what to play with every change in time, key, movement or bass line. It's a glimpse into what great timing and musical teamwork must have been like long ago in the best jazz, country and bluegrass bands.”

Jeff Bertino

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When JT is not fronting one of his own bands, he freelances, performing with other groups on guitar, mandolin and bass. He is also an experienced instructor, teaching important techniques not only pertinent to learning your instrument, but to communicating with other musicians, making the group sound good and explaining theory in a simple way that anyone can learn. Try him! 

JT has worked with legendary fiddlers including, Canadian fiddling icons, Calvin Vollrath and April Verch, Texas fiddle legend, Jim Chancellor aka Texas Shorty, Nashville studio legend and longtime performer, Tim Crouch, Texas fiddle icon, Dale Morris, Jr., National Flatpick Champion, Tyler Grant, Solo Mandolin Masters, Evan Marshall and Brian Oberlin, 3 time Grand Master Fiddle Champion, Matthew Hartz, world renowned minstrel style banjo master, Clarke Buehling, 3 time Grand National Fiddle Champion, Luke Price, National Swing Fiddle Champion, James Mason and countless others.

Having taught individual private lessons for more than 10 years, JT is a qualified instructor and teaches in a way that meets you where you are and encourages and inspires you to becoming a better musician. JT has taught workshops all over the United States, from Nashville to Los Angeles and beyond. Schedule a lesson today.