Filming Live this Sunday!

You will not want to miss this show! Be a part of history as we film this moment, a clashing of titans, a meeting of giants, a squashing of ants... 

It has been many months since world renowned mandolinist Brian Oberlin left Portland for his home state of Michigan. Alas, he has returned for a handful of appearances in the Pacific Northwest and I am honored to have been asked to be a part of his residency at a Portland historic landmark, Al ’s Den. Underneath an old hotel and street level pub not too far from the very center of Portland, OR lies Al’s Den, a cave-like space used by Al Winter in the 1940s to run his vast gambling empire that spanned the Pacific Northwest all the way into Las Vegas. 

On Sunday, we will once again join forces to bring you hot western swing, classic bluegrass and some of our very own songs you won’t hear anywhere else. Where else can you hear a National Fiddle Champion, world renowned mandolinist and Ozark crooner take the stage together? Come be a part of history with us!

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